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Indonesia volcano eruption leaves ten injured and eight missing on Java Island after rescue helicopter crashes on way to help.

There were about 17 visitors around the crater at the time of the eruption. Eight people are also missing after a helicopter crashed while on the way to help with evacuations.

From white water rafting in Bali to visiting temples on Java, former US President Barack Obama's private family holiday is being closely tracked in Indonesia where he spent four years as a child.Obama was six when he moved to Jakarta after his American mother, Ann Dunham, married an Indonesian man following the end of her marriage to Obama's Kenyan father."I feel proud that my friend became a president," said Sonni Gondokusumo, 56, a former classmate of Obama at the Menteng 01 state elementary school in Jakarta.Gondokusumo showed a class photograph of himself standing behin...

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Semero Mount History

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Sumeru mountain is the highest volcano in Java, with its peak Mahameru, 3.676 meters from sea level. The crater at the summit of Mount Semeru known Jonggring Saloko.

Semeru has Hill dipterocarp forest, dipterocarp forest Upper Montane Forest, and Forest Ericaceous or mountain forests.

Travelers can now utilize the Tourist Information Center (TIC) digital service to obtain information related to domestic tourism as they wait for flights at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport’s Terminal 3.

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The most beautiful snake of the world?

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Indonesian Autumn Adder or Artheris hispida is a venomous viper species endemic to Indonesia. At first, scientist recorded that this snake is endemic to Central Africa before they find it in Indonesia. Indonesian Autum Adder is known for their extremely keeled dorsal scales that give it an almost bristly appearance. Unfortunately this animal subspecies are currently no recognized which means that Indonesian Autumn Adder is not their official name.

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Sunset at Mount Bromo

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Java is home to delicious coffee, the Java Tiger and also Mount Bromo, which stands over 2,300 meters above sea level. Mount Batok, Mount Bromo and Mount Semeru (which erupted in 2004 in a major way, but erupts every 20 minutes or so in a very small way in geological terms) comprise an impressive trio of volcanoes in this immediate area.

Most people go to Mount Bromo to watch the sunrise or climb the Bromo crater, but here is a lesser-known activity that you should not miss while in Bromo: watching the Reog Tengger performance.

Reog Tengger is a traditional dance that is similar to Reog Ponorogo and has been passed down from generation to generation by the Tengger tribe in Sukapura district. There was a period in the past when the dance was not performed but it was brought back to the public eye in 2000.

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Cooking & Culinary Vacation in Bali

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Balinese Culture & Food Holidays

Embark yourself in an unforgettable journey to enrich your life and leave you delightfully inspired. Specially crafted for you by Alila Manggis Bali, you are invited to an ultimate culinary and cultural experience that will last a lifetime.

Apart from the ubiquitous malls, Jakarta is filled with traditional markets and shopping streets. This review covers all the shopping areas to visit as a tourist. Some of them are very famous and some completely off-the-beaten track.
There are probably a lot more places worth mentioning so don't hesitate to comment below if necessary.

Traditional markets in Jakarta

Traditional markets in Jakarta are managed by Pasar Jaya, a public company controlled by the provincial government. There are around 150 traditional markets all around Jakarta, with over 100,000 stalls and 2,000,000 daily visitors. The opening hours may vary but they will always be the most crowded early morning. I only visited a few, often by coincidence:
Pasar Rumput and nearby Pasar Manggis are quite old and kind of dirty. If you are adventurous though, they will provide plenty of great photo opportunities. They are located along the Manggarai railroad, not far from Jalan Sudirman so they are quite easy to reach.
Pasar Manggis, Jalan Guntur, Setiabudi, 12970
Pasar Rumput Jalan Raya Sultan Agung No.4, Setiabudi, 0218296376


Henley & Partners, a firm that studies citizenship and residency visa issues, has announced that Indonesia ranks seventh in travel freedom among countries in Southeast Asia.


The data was announced in the firm’s 2017 visa restriction index, which was created in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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