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Investment Opportunities

What is climate change? A really simple guide

World temperatures are rising because of human activity, and climate change now threatens every aspect of human life. Left unchecked, humans and nature will experience catastrophic warming, with worsening droughts, rising sea levels and mass extinction of species. The world faces a huge challenge, but there are potential solutions. What is climate change? Climate is…
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Opportunity for Investors in Indonesia

Games Changes Global Agriculture by Kyle Kling Amsterdam, Aug 16th — With biotech manufacturing set to transform agriculture, investors who want to stay ahead should pay attention to this rapidly evolving space. By 2050, the world’s population is set to increase by more than 35 per cent and reach nine billion. To feed everyone and meet the…
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Water Food and Energy Security

The Water, Food and Energy Security

And its Nexus eyesonindonesia  Amsterdam, July 20 2022 — According to the Food And Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the water, energy and food security nexus, means that food as well as water and energy security are very much linked to one another. Meaning that the actions in any one particular area often can have effects…
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Biodiversity Agriculture

The cooperative helping farmers to preserve biodiversity

Farmland ownership in the Netherlands is merging preservation and profitability. Watch how farmers and environmentalists are working together to create more sustainable agriculture practices.

Indonesia Food Security

Food Security

Collaboration required to avoid a humanitarian disaster eyesononidonesia Amsterdam, Juli 17 2022– The human tragedy that continues to unfold in Ukraine has shocked and saddened us all.  What has also become clear is the suffering will be magnified as the repercussions are felt across the global food system. Simply put: the war has knocked the…
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Clean Rivers Indonesia

The Good and Plastic Free Life

Clean Rivers Clean Brain Part IV Amsterdam, July 1, 2022 — Without plastic, we might even have to change the way we talk about ourselves. “Consumer is inherently a single-use term,” Walker says. In a world where packaging is recycled and reused, not thrown away, we can become citizens instead. We might also find that for…
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Indonesia Clean Water

Living Life Without Plastics

Clean Rivers, Cleaner Brain  Part III Amsterdam, June 29, 2022– Exposure to EDCs during critical periods of fetal growth can have long-lasting effects. “If the mother is pregnant and she is exposed to plastics or other chemicals that alter the development of her fetus, those changes are lifelong, irreversible changes,” Swan says.  This means that…
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Dry Season Indonesia

Dry Season in Indonesia

Food and Agri Industry answers Amsterdam, June 29th 2022– Indonesia’s dry season has never been easy. Dry winds blow from Australia and rainfall is almost nonexistent, which leads to major forest fires, choking air pollution, and searing heat, along with the energy-sapping effect the season has on residents. For many parts of Indonesia, one…
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Water Question in Indonesia

The Water Question in Indonesia Amsterdam, June 29 2022– Indonesia  announced seven new water supply and waste water treatment projects worth a total of $1.9 billion and may present significant export opportunities for EU companies. Indonesia has a population of over 268 million people but the majority do not have access to piped water and are dependent on river water or bottled water.  For the 20% of…
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Living Without Plastics

Clean Rivers, Cleaner Brain Part II Amsterdam, June 28, 2022– It’s not just consumers who should change their habits – supermarket supply chains are optimized for selling packaged products and should be overhauled.  In the meantime, highly perishable goods such as asparagus, green beans and berries can end up on the field unpicked with…
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