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Can the problem of plastic pollution ever be solved

Can the problem of plastic pollution ever be solved?

There are more microplastic particles in the oceans than stars in the galaxy. That’s obviously a big threat to the environment and to human health. The problem is that nobody can agree exactly how to solve this problem.

Recycling Plastic

Recycling Plastic Waste

Global Progress ? eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, July 18th 2022– Last month, mid-June 2022, more than 250 people working within the PET plastic value chain gathered in Brussels at the Petcore Europe Conference to discuss circularity and other important issues in the PET plastic value chain.  The rising prices of both PET and its recycled counterpart rPET are a…
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Indonesia Clean Water

Living Life Without Plastics

Clean Rivers, Cleaner Brain  Part III eyesonindonesia.com Amsterdam, June 29, 2022– Exposure to EDCs during critical periods of fetal growth can have long-lasting effects. “If the mother is pregnant and she is exposed to plastics or other chemicals that alter the development of her fetus, those changes are lifelong, irreversible changes,” Swan says.  This means that…
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Living Without Plastics

Clean Rivers, Cleaner Brain  Part I eyesonindonesia.com Amsterdam, June 27, 2022– Of the 8,300 million tons of virgin plastic produced until the end of 2015, 6,300 million tons have been thrown away.  Most of that plastic waste is still with us, buried in landfills or polluting the environment. Microplastics have been found in Antarctic sea…
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