Month: June 2023

Investment Opportunities

Siemens presents €2 billion investment strategy to boost future growth, innovation and resilience

including around €200 million for a high-tech factory in Singapore To boost future growth, drive innovation and increase resilience, Siemens today presented its investment strategy which includes €2 billion mainly for new manufacturing capacity as well as innovation labs, education centers and other own sites.  Siemens today announced a new high-tech factory in Singapore, to…
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Making green plastic from captured CO2

eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 26 June 2023 — To become climate neutral and circular by 2050, the chemical industry must stop using fossil fuels and raw materials and no longer emit CO2. This means electrification of processes that are currently still gas-driven, reduction of CO2 emissions, use of green electricity, but also the use of other raw…
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Producing quality green or recycled plastic from captured CO2.

Producing quality green or recycled plastic from captured CO2

eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 26 june 2023 – The actual production process may require very specialized equipment and technology that require technical expertise. Some steps involved. CO2 can be captured from industrial waste streams or directly from the atmosphere using various capture technologies like absorption, adsorption, and membrane separation. After that step the chemical conversion follows.  …
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African countries are fed up with being marginalised in global institutions

They will be pushing hard for change at a big global pow-wow this week There was no shortage of bigwigs at a development-finance pow-wow hosted by Emmanuel Macron, France’s president, in Paris on June 22nd to discuss pressing global issues including World Bank reform, climate finance and debt distress. The expected attendees at the Summit for a…
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Digital Companies as the New Global Superpower

Digital Companies: Powering the Future of Global Superpower

Digital Companies: Unleashing the Potential of a Connected World Introduction How Digital Companies are Transforming the Global Economy Exploring the Impact of Digital Companies on International Trade Examining the Role of Digital Companies in Shaping the Future of Global Superpower Analyzing the Benefits of Digital Companies for Developing Nations Investigating the Challenges Faced by Digital…
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Can an AI Chatbot Pass a Data Science Interview

Can an AI Chatbot Pass a Data Science Interview?

AI language systems in the modern era have proven to be remarkable, as their capabilities are praised frequently. However, they are also criticized for their lack of precision, tendency to fabricate information, production of unexceptional song lyrics, and their inability to exhibit true intelligence. AI language systems are praised for their capabilities but are criticized…
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Pale Blue Dot

Look again. That Dot.

Pale Blue Dot.  That’s what they named the photograph the Voyager took of our Earth in 1990 from a distance of six billion  ( ) kilometers,  the moment it was just about to leave our galaxy. Why this old news now and why here? Because it may be too late or maybe not to…
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What is the ideal carbon price?

Improving the already best approach to addressing climate change. The most favored approach by economists in addressing climate change is to impose a cost on greenhouse-gas emissions. This method is deemed effective as it enables society to pinpoint the most cost-effective unit of carbon-dioxide equivalent to avoid. It is also equitable, with the polluters bearing…
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Environment, Community, and Mine Closure

Achieve cost-effective solutions to your environmental issues while reducing liabilities and complying with regulations. By engaging in proactive environmental planning, you can reduce your liability and address crucial concerns. Our team of seasoned environmental specialists can assist you in adhering to regulations and implementing affordable, effective solutions for your environmental obstacles. Comprehensive Evaluation and Management…
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