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Obama told a story about America

Obama told a story about America at his first inauguration 15 years ago.

These people were there, and they still believe Analysis by John Blake, CNN Elizabeth Alexander was in her hotel room in Washington, DC, one frigid winter morning when she was awakened by a strange noise outside her window. She peered outside and saw a sea of people, bundled against the cold, walking in the predawn darkness…
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Exclusive Interview with Biden, Clinton and Obama Advisor on Climate Change

One of the secrets for success is more and better investments in data and more data. Listen to David J. Hayes in an exclusive one-on-one interview with eyesonindonesia.David J. Hayes is an American attorney and legal scholar who serves in the Biden Administration as Special Assistant to the President for Climate Policy. Hayes has led the White House work on…
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Might Silicon Valley Bank cause a Domino-Effect?

Crisis SVB changes interest policies Central Banks eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 12 March 2023– In early March, 40 chief financial officers from various technology groups gathered in Utah at the ski resort of Deer Valley for an annual “snow summit” hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, a crucial financial institution for start-ups.  Barely a week later, on Thursday…
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