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Plastic Pollution In Indonesia

River Recycling Initiatives eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, May 10th 2023– Plastic pollution has emerged as a global environmental crisis, with rivers serving as significant contributors to the problem. In Indonesia, a country known for its diverse river systems, the issue of plastic waste poses a serious threat to both the environment and public health. To combat this…
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Indonesia’s nickel boom tests Western green sensibilities

Producing batteries for electric vehicles requires environmental and geopolitical trade-offs eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 16 april 2023– In a miserable year for initial public offerings, Indonesia’s capital is turning heads. The Jakarta Stock Exchange enjoyed record ipo volumes in the first quarter.  The $800m raised in these flotations outstripped the sums drummed up on Hong Kong’s or New York’s stock exchanges…
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Blueprint for a circular water smart society – Water Alliance

Expert Group Circular Water (Partnership) New partnership: Global Expert Group Circular Water. Initiated by the Dutch Expertgroep Circular Water of the Dutch Water Alliance. The kick off is on Wednesday 22nd March – World Water Day – launching its first publication: a ‘BLUEPRINT FOR A CIRCULAR WATER SMART SOCIETY’ with tangible solutions for the practical…
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The Future of Football in Indonesia

Investments, Employment and Talent development eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 1 April 2023– There is a great possibility that, if handled well and carefully, football has a great, great future ahead in Indonesia.  As it can also be the start of a new industry, with many and several opportunities for investments, work and  talent developing.   In recent years, professional soccer…
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The future of  football in Indonesia. 

eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, April 1st 2023– Football is the most popular sport in Indonesia, with millions of Indonesians passionate about the sport and supporting their local teams. The country has a rich football history, with the national team having qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 1938 and won the Southeast Asian Games multiple times. However,…
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Singapore: the future of business events

An Absolute New World eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 26 March 2023– A vibrant and growing start-up culture Considered amongst the top in the world for start-up talent, Singapore has more than 4,0001 tech start-ups and is one of the fastest growing start-up communities in the world.  With world-class facilities and collaborative spaces such as LaunchPad @ one-north, start-ups…
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Might Silicon Valley Bank cause a Domino-Effect?

Crisis SVB changes interest policies Central Banks eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, 12 March 2023– In early March, 40 chief financial officers from various technology groups gathered in Utah at the ski resort of Deer Valley for an annual “snow summit” hosted by Silicon Valley Bank, a crucial financial institution for start-ups.  Barely a week later, on Thursday…
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Carbon Capture

Why Carbon Capture is important for Suriname, Brazil and Indonesia

Financial Incentives Important  eyesonsuriname/ dr. Lorraine Sobers Amsterdam, March 9th 2023 — The CEO of Hess Corporation, John Hess, speaking at the International Energy Conference and Expo Guyana, explained to the audience that “Carbon credits provide financial incentives to preserve forests and biodiversity that are at risk to growing economic activities and demand for natural resources.”…
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VentureRock is Launching A $300M Fund-of-Funds

Venturerock Launches $75 Million Sports Tech Venture Investment Company

eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, Sept 8th 2022– With the global sports tech industry estimated to surpass $40 billion by 2026, Los Angeles-based digital venture capital platform Venturerock today launched its $75 million sports tech venture investment company (VIC). The VIC, which includes athlete investors including former Dutch soccer player Mark van Bommel and former New York Jets cornerback Bryson…
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Highspeed Train Jakarta Bandung

HighSpeed Jakarta-Bandung

350 km per hour eyesonindonesia Amsterdam, Sept. 1st 2022– A shipment of Chinese high-speed trains set sail for Indonesia from Qingdao earlier this year and on August 23,  according to China’s state media. The trains were manufactured by  CRRC Qingdao Sifan, a major train maker under state-owned CRRC. The shipment is part of an order of eleven passenger…
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