Indonesia joins hydrogen exporting countries

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Indonesia joins hydrogen exporting countries

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Amsterdam, 14 May 2023– Back in September 2021, Indonesia had started exploring the potential of green hydrogen as an alternative energy source, but concrete developments and plans may have evolved since then.

Green hydrogen refers to hydrogen produced using renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar power, through a process called electrolysis.

Green Hydrogen Developments in Indonesia

There are numerous Research and Pilot Projects: Indonesia has been conducting research and pilot projects to assess the feasibility and potential of green hydrogen. These initiatives aim to evaluate the production, storage, transportation, and utilization of green hydrogen within the country.

Electrolyzer Installation

Some companies and research institutions have been installing electrolyzers in Indonesia to produce green hydrogen. Electrolyzers split water into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity, and the goal is to use renewable energy sources for this process.

Green Hydrogen Infrastructure

Indonesia is also working on developing infrastructure to support the production, storage, and distribution of green hydrogen. This includes the establishment of hydrogen refueling stations and exploring the integration of green hydrogen into existing gas networks.

International collaboration

Indonesia has engaged in international collaborations and partnerships to accelerate the development of green hydrogen. This includes cooperation with countries like Australia, which has significant expertise in hydrogen technologies.


The Indonesian government is in the process of formulating policies and regulations to support the development of green hydrogen.

This includes setting targets, incentives, and guidelines for the production, utilization, and export of green hydrogen.

Future Plans and Potential Applications

Renewable Energy Storage: Green hydrogen can be used to store surplus renewable energy generated from sources like wind and solar power. This stored hydrogen can then be converted back into electricity when there is a high demand or when renewable energy supply is low.


Green hydrogen has the potential to be used as a fuel for various modes of transportation, including cars, buses, and trains. Fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen have zero emissions, as they only produce water vapor.

Industry and Power Generation

Green hydrogen can be used as a feedstock in industrial processes, such as oil refining, ammonia production, and steel manufacturing. Additionally, it can be utilized in power generation to replace fossil fuels, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Export

Indonesia has expressed interest in becoming a green hydrogen exporter in the future. By leveraging its renewable energy resources, Indonesia could produce and export green hydrogen to other countries, contributing to its economy and energy transition.

It’s important to note that the information provided here is based on our knowledge available up until September 2021.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on the specific developments and plans regarding green hydrogen in Indonesia, eyesonindonesia recommends referring to the latest reports, news, and government announcements related to the country’s energy transition and hydrogen strategy.


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