Who’s afraid of the new Google?

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Who’s afraid of the new Google?

Who's afraid of the new Google?
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Many websites have become accustomed to the fact that a significant portion of their visitors find them through the links that Google presents. Anyone who asks about an event in the news will end up on the website of a newspaper or other news medium. Anyone looking for a recipe for a festive vegetarian dinner will use Google to reach a site that specializes in that type of meal.

But if Google’s AI has done the searching for you, and immediately provides a clearly written summary (overview) of what can be found from various sources on the internet, you can still click through to the websites with human-written articles or recipes? The American research agency Gartner predicts that website visits will drop by 25 percent.

Website publishers are preparing for “a bloodbath,” writes The Washington Post. Because fewer visitors not only mean fewer opportunities to sell your product. It also threatens another source of income: your site becomes less attractive for advertisers to spread their message on.

Google’s recent updates

The recent updates from Google have focused on improving the quality of search results by addressing spam and low-quality content. They’ve made algorithmic enhancements to their core ranking systems to surface more helpful information and reduce unoriginal content in search results. Additionally, they’ve updated their spam policies to keep the lowest-quality content out of Search1. These changes aim to provide users with a better and more secure experience when using Google Search.

As for who might be ‘afraid’ of these updates, it could be those who have relied on low-quality or spammy content to gain visibility in search results. With Google’s enhanced efforts to combat such practices, these entities may find it more challenging to appear prominently in search rankings.


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