Internetworking Edition 2023 & Potsdam Cyber Games

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Internetworking Edition 2023 & Potsdam Cyber Games

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Internetworking Edition 2023 & Potsdam Cyber Games Dear Learning Community, Around five billion people worldwide use the Internet – more than half the world’s population. It has revolutionized our everyday lives. Banking transactions, sending e-mails, ordering products online – all this can be done easily and quickly via the network of networks. If you want to understand what’s behind this technology that has changed our lives like no other in the past 54 years, you should enroll in this course:

Internetworking – Edition 2023

This beginner’s course has already started on March 1, in which Prof. Christoph Meinel and his teaching team will take you on a journey through the Internet. Get to know the technical basics of the Internet and learn, for example, how mobile devices, sensors and machines communicate with each other via the Internet. However, the declared goal of the course is not just to explain the technical construction principle of the Internet. Rather, participants should learn how the network can be used safely with appropriate protective measures despite the risks of cybercrime and what role it plays today as the backbone of society and the economy.

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Potsdam Cyber Games – Do you have what it takes to make the Internet safer?

On Friday, March 3, the cybersecurity competition started. Especially bachelor students in technical courses are invited to participate. Until March 26, you can playfully immerse yourself in the fictitious world of a university and learn to master the challenges of both attacking and protecting IT systems in more than 20 individual tasks. And best of all: there is something to win! The top 30 finishers will be invited to Potsdam from April 21-23 and can look forward to an exciting cybersecurity program.

Further information and registration:
We wish you a lot of fun with these new challenges! Please feel free to forward this information to your colleagues, friends and acquaintances. We look forward to seeing you!

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