Finnish Solutions for Smart Forestry

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Finnish Solutions for Smart Forestry

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Strong digital expertise and industrial know-how make Finland a global leader in smart forestry.


Finland is one of the global superpowers in digitalization and forestry. The new, digital innovations are offering new solutions for the transformation of the industry – to increase the efficiency and safety as well as to offer real-time, accurate and evidence-based decision-making tools.

Smart Forestry

The industry is going through an extensive transformation, with inventory, harvesting and management all going digital and data-driven. This means demand for new solutions in which Finland is a world-class provider. The new optimized, demand-based inventory and harvesting methods enhance procurement and harvesting work and efficiency in both use of wood material and equipment usage. Precision forestry transforms the industry from highly manual and analog workflows with broad-brush management prescriptions to a system with digital data capture and planning, granular management prescriptions, and tight operational control.

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